Beal Industrial Products

At Beal Industrial, you can expect to receive more than access to the largest new and used battery and charger inventory—you’ll receive immediate price quoting, stock delivery on all popular sizing, and full turnkey capabilities.

Rental batteries and chargers available.

Beal Industrial Products

Our products include:


Beal Industrial Products provides a vast array of top-quality lead-acid Deka batteries, fitting most any vehicle or vintage. Our industrial batteries feature options such as front access terminals for easy maintenance and increased safety, state-of-the-art calcium maintenance-free lead alloys for low gassing rates, long lives, and the highest performance.


We are proud to offer our customers a full line of superior battery chargers and accessories. We offer Stanbury as well as Applied Energy chargers, two of the top brands in the industrial charger industry, with each built to be durable, energy-efficient, dependable, and easy to use.

Through each step, whether during a full installation or repair of your existing fleet chargers, we have the chargers and accessories you need, from terminals and battery cables to booster cables and cable wire. 


Beal Industrial utilizes Flow-Rite battery watering systems and flip-top watering caps. Designed to water your battery in under a minute by setting up tubing to replace the existing vent caps and the ability to connect to a water supply. With these systems, you’ll be able to fill batteries more quickly, safely, and reliably.


We strive to simplify the battery changing process, and specialize in battery lifiting beams, staging stands, and fork attachments. Ask us for more product information on each.


Keep the hazards to a minimum with our battery safety and maintenance products. We help keep your battery charging stations and the personnel that work around them healthy and safe with the proper tools; items like Battery Handling Systems’ battery spill kits, watering devices, or monitoring equipment assist in precluding any mishaps when servicing or changing out a battery.

In addition, we also offer eye & safety stations, battery lifting devices, and more to avoid unnecessary involvement with cumbersome, highly explosive, or noxious materials.

Our highly trained sales team can help pinpoint the ideal product based upon your needs.